Friday, August 4, 2017

Meet Gigi Cappetta, Actress

Hollywood young starlet Gigi Cappetta just became the youngest nominee in the Best Actress category for the Imagen Awards in Beverly Hills August 18, 2017 in the same category as Salma Hayek and Eva Longoria. Learn more by following Gigi on Facebook and Instagram, and check out her page on IMDB.

1. How did you get started with acting?

My parents really struggled to find something that I enjoyed. They tried dance, cheerleading, soccer--you name it. It was when a teacher told my dad that I had been standing on a table in the classroom belting out Barry Manilow's "Copacabana" and other show tunes in elementary school that my parents then had a chat. Some little modeling then led to small acting roles that led to bigger roles and off we went!

2. What do you like best about acting, and what do you find most challenging about it?

I love it. I love every aspect of it. I know it sounds crazy, but it is literally my life. It's all I want to do. Challenges are moving, not staying in same place and friends--loss of friends, old friends and new friends; friendships are really hard to maintain in this lifestyle. Again, it's a choice that I choose to do, and no one is making me. So it all work out in finding other ways to keep busy and the right friendships will come along in time. The travel is fun, and getting to work with big stars and directors is just like living a dream.

3. Would you tell us a little bit about your Imagen Award nomination and the film you're nominated for?

My 2017 Imagen Award Nomination for Best Actress in a Feature Film came as a huge surprise. I mean, to be nominated alongside Salma Hayek and Eva Longoria and Edy Ganem, well, what 12 year-old wouldn't be over the moon! It's almost too much to take in. My mom thought it was a typo maybe when it was announced. We had a good laugh over that. But seriously, it's the biggest honor of my life.

4. I read that you're also a talented singer. What opportunities have you found so far to combine your acting and singing talents?

That's so sweet of you to say, thank you. I love singing, I was lead singer in School of Rock when I was in New York, and that was an incredible experience. Being surrounded by a band of kids all tweens, each one a super talented musician, coming together and making awesome music was one of the best experiences of my life.

5. What else would you like readers to know about you and your work?

That I appreciate every person who is joining me in my journey online and on social media and watching my films and TV series. I love this world of entertaining people, and I know I am luckier than words can say getting to do what I love.

Thanks, Gigi!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Meet A J King, Author

A J King is the author of The Power Vested in Me (four book trilogy) and a poetry book which is linked to the series Monochrome Fervour. Lives in Swansea, works in Newport, supports Cardiff City.

Learn more by visiting, and check out Book Two in The Power Vested in Me series on Amazon by clicking here.

1. How did you come up with the main group of characters in your series of novels?

I wanted Starkey to be enigmatic--he had to be, he is the source of the mystery. One of his roles is to give the Stardust guidance whilst letting them find the answers themselves to ensure they grow as people. So I based a large part of him on one of my old managers who had a lot of life experience, but wanted us to form our own opinions so just gave us guidance.

For the Stardust themselves, I wanted to cover all angles. So Pippa was named after the pocket size doll I had as a girl because she is small, and for that reason I wanted her to be the superstrong one. Zak, we needed a sporty guy, Jason a Jack-the-lad who initially uses his power for bad then learns to use it for good. Stuart is the geek who gets bullied, and Heidi, who was named after my friend from school (but is nothing like her), is the self-proclaimed leader, who is very clever.

I remember Billie Jean King saying that when she watched ET she asked why none of the girls got to fly the bikes, so for that reason I made sure the girls were strong characters who played as active a role as all the boys. Once I had an overview of their talents, I just constructed them as people. They are from all different backgrounds and walks of life. As they are strangers to each other at the start, I liked the idea of them getting to know each other and bonding and becoming a team. Now when I write them I know them so well that I know how they are going to react in any given circumstance. Everyone has a favorite Stardust, and people see characteristics of themselves in the characters.

2. Why did you decide to have the main characters be teenagers, and what are the challenges of writing teenage characters?

They needed to be teenagers because they are given their powers whilst newborn babies, and these powers were fine tuned by Starkey when they hit puberty. I also feel this was the right age for them to start learning about life and making massive decisions on right and wrong.

At the time of initially writing the Stardust, my children were the same age so I had guidance from them and their friends.

3. When you first got the idea for your series, did you know it would take place over the course of four books? In other words, how did you figure out the overall structure of the series?

Initially, I wrote it as a TV script to send to the BBC, and it was much different then. In fact, it was just about five teenagers time-traveling in an old lift. When I was told they didn’t take scripts off new writers, I decided to turn it into a book, which literally took me a few years, during which time the whole concept of the story changed and the characters were given a real purpose. When I had decided how the story would go, I guessed it needed to be a trilogy; I hadn't expected Book 2 to end up in two parts, though.

4. Would you tell us a little more about the main idea of the series and the world in which it takes place?

In Book 1, the Stardust traveled back in time to 5 periods of history where they recover items, the purpose of which they don't discover until the end of the book. Book 2 is the second part of the quest and they travel, in their dreams, to the Land of Nod, which is in fact the zodiac. If they can successfully get through each house and reach the end, then they must retrieve one item. For book 1, I had to do a lot of research to get the time periods accurate, especially as they encounter real life historic figures in some of the places. For book 2, I have just constructed a fantasy land and the zodiac characters who sit within it. I have had to draw on a lot of my life experiences to construct the characters within. The books are not all fantasy: an essential part of them is showing the teenagers in their real everyday lives, their families, interactions with people and daily problems and experiences.

5. What writing projects are you currently working on?

A. I am currently working on part 2 of book 2, or at least the real live parts of part 2. I finished all the fantasy bits for part two about 9 months ago, having completed part 1’s fantasy bit about 9 months before that. So it could be argued each section of Book 2 is taking me about 9 months to write, but I have to do part 2’s real life part by the beginning of October to get it out by Christmas, so only giving myself 5 months on this. After that, it will be book 3 which I aim to take a bit of time over.

Thanks, A J!

Meet Lord Avatar II, Ashley Ellison

Lord Avatar II, Ashley Ellison, is leader of the Solaran Faith, and an actor, artist, musician, writer and general creator of things.

Learn more about him by visiting

1. What was your childhood like?

My childhood was horrible to say the least. I was constantly being kicked out by my parents from as young as 4 years old. They were horrible parents. The only adult in my life I could trust and count on was my Nana. She was always there for me whenever I needed her.

2. What drew your interest to writing books?

I always had an interest in writing. When I was 9 years old, my school submitted a poem I had written to a competition, and I won a publication in a poetry book. I started writing books after taking over the Solaran Faith. It was a way to publish the beliefs of the faith and get it seen by hundreds of people.

3. How did you become involved with the Solaran faith?

I have always been fascinated by religion, going from Christianity, to Wicca and others. But in 2007, when a friend told me about a religion that he had heard of, I was instantly intrigued. I went along to a meeting in Macclesfield forest, and I knew that it was the religion for me.

4. What do you tell people when they ask what the Solaran faith is all about?

I often get asked about it on the spot, and I can't think of a response because I can't summarize seventeen years of doctrine in the few minutes they expect me to talk to about it. But now, I give them the basics of it; we believe that the goddess Solara inhabits a separate realm or universe. She was a higher being that existed alone in a realm she had power over. She began to change things to suit herself. Over time she created life in her realm. That life would worship her and help her to create more life.

5. Is there anything else in particular that you'd like readers to know about you and your work?

I am currently working on a new novel called Mage of Magic. It is about an orphaned boy who rises to become a hero Sorcerer of a fantasy world called Valusia. I'm hoping to release the book in December on Amazon and wattpad for free.

Thanks, Ashley!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Guest Post: Reliable Locksmith Service in Littleton

The following article is a guest post from Littleton Locksmith 24.

It's no secret that any qualified locksmith is able to do the lock and key job you need done. However, finding a reliable locksmith service in Littleton will prove valuable more times than you may now realize.

The average person may not even think about the services that a locksmith provides until they are faced with trying to find lost keys, a key breaks off inside the ignition, the trunk is locked, a child or pet is trapped inside a running, locked, vehicle, you are locked out of your home, or there is an attempted break-in to your home, office, or automobile. When these situations strike, you will want a qualified, professional locksmiths who is able to handle a wide range of services and come to you any time, day or night in a hurry.

The Secret About Local Locksmiths You Need To Know

Many national professional locksmith companies advertise locally but fail to mention where they are headquartered. Sometimes, they will even secure a local area code to place in their ads. They present themselves as being local, but when you call for help, you find out the ugly truth. Your call is redirected to a national all center, instead. You will be assured that a locksmith is on the way. What they won't tell you is that they have dispatched a subcontracted locksmith, sometimes one who is new or lacks the proper training, and sometimes from another state who will take a long time to arrive. If they finally do arrive, they may show up without the proper tools or even leave damage to your locks or vehicles and then charge you way over the quoted price. These national companies do not have any incentive of building a relationship with clients like a true local company does.

Your Safety Isn't Worth The Risk

When you are stranded in a dark parking lot or roadside late at night, or even outside of your house or office, and need the help of a locksmith, and you need help in a hurry. You do not have the luxury of waiting around for someone to arrive from miles away and cannot take chances on sitting around in a troubled spot waiting for help to arrive. When you call a reliable locksmith service in Littleton, you will assured that help is on the way in no time. Our experts know that your safety depends upon it and will not take chances.

Besides showing up when you need them, local professionals tend to truly care about their customers. The time it takes for a qualified technician to show up, and the skills used to perform your locksmith emergency is what you will tell your friends. A reliable locksmith will work hard to get you out of an emergency and back to safety while all of the time focusing on also building a trusting relationship with locksmith customers. The goal is to put your safety first and do the kind of job that will leave you wanting to call again for other locks and keys needs in the future.


Emergencies never happen at a time that is convenient, but a reliable locksmith is ready when you need them. Even if it's not an emergency, knowing that a professional locksmith close and able to be on the way in minutes means that the wait time is cut by seconds, minutes, and even hours or days. This in turn means more than convenience. It also takes into account that your safety is on the line.

Investigate all of the locksmith companies in the area before you are inconvenienced by an ill-timed emergency. Research and then keep the number of a reliable locksmith service in your area so you have it when you need it. Get keys duplicated, locks re-keyed or changed, get back inside your home, office, car, or get your trunk opened without any damage to your locks, in a matter of minutes not days. Call someone who will show up quickly when you need help.

If you live in Denver-Aurora-Littleton or Arapahoe County area, have confidence in knowing that there is a reliable locksmith service in Littleton to call ready to show up in no time, and get you out of a worrisome situation and will be there for you with all of your future locksmith needs.

Meet Joe Johnson, Entrepreneur, Career Coach, Speaker, Author, and Strategic-Optimist

A local Portlander, Joe Johnson loves to help people turn their biggest dreams into easy-to-follow roadmaps so that they can become their best selves. For as long as he can remember, Joe has been obsessed with the concept of unlocking human potential. Why do some people thrive and others struggle? And how many steps is the second person away from being successful? These questions are what drive him and get him excited about what he does.

To learn more about Joe and his work, check out this entry on job searching from his blog, and this entry on how to receive a salary increase.

1. How did you decide to start up the Earn More Academy website?

I decided to make Earn More Academy after I realized that my good fortune of finding great jobs wasn't luck at all--it was an invaluable skill.

I keep in contact with a lot of my friends from university; however, I noticed that many of them were really struggling to find a job. Sadly, some of them, now in their 30s, were forced to live with their parents because their current job wasn't helping them to move their lives forward.

A common thread was that each of them were both extremely unhappy with their jobs and severely underpaid. Then, after helping them with their resume, online profiles, and sharing some key career advice, they each landed a career in fields that made them happier and paid them more money.

Over the course of several years of privately coaching friends and colleagues, I finally decided to open the website to help a lot more people gain a better work life balance and financial independence.

2. Why are so many people earning less money than they would like to be earning--or even than what their skills should be worth in the current job market?

This is a BIG question. There are a lot of external factors both past and present that have affected the job market (ie: the economic slowdowns, company restructuring, layoffs, etc).

Despite this fact, I would say that the biggest thing that keeps people from earning more money, even though they may be overqualified, is they honestly don't know what they want from their own career path. Clarity is key forth finding the path to becoming a top-paid player in your industry. When you start to narrow down potential careers that leverage your real strengths and your unique talents, you can do some amazing stuff while at the right company.

Oftentimes, people suffer from job searching fatigue and grab ANY job that calls back after a long job search. However, it may not truly fit who you are and what you want to do. As a result, you will probably not excel nor be considered for a raise because your true potential will never be utilized.

3. What are some things people can do in the job they hold right now to improve their financial position/outlook?

This is a great question! We previously did a whole write-up dedicated to this exact question on our website. However, if a person is trying to improve their financial position at their current role, they are going to need to get on the same page with their employer. Here is a quick 3-part strategy for getting that salary increase that you deserve.

Stage One – Goal Setting

In the first stage, you need to approach your supervisor with the idea that you want to be considered for a raise in the near future and that you'd like to find out exactly what it would take to receive a raise. To your boss, it's going to be a refreshing change of pace that an employee is ambitious enough to go above and beyond for the company. It's very important that you get ultra-specific and repeat back exactly what they told you their needs are. Example: "So you're saying, if I were to do X, then it would make me the best candidate for a raise in the next 6 months?"

Stage Two – Execution & Recording

After you confirm your supervisor's needs, you want to make sure that you complete your new project on time and better than expected. Underpromise and overdeliver!

At the end of each week, make sure to document your efforts and show how you have either grown productivity or how your efforts have increased revenues. You will need this later, as it will be what you will use to position yourself for a raise.

Stage Three – Research & Rewards

Head over to one of the following salary comparison websites and research how much money other professionals in your industry are being paid:

Aim to put yourself in the top 30% of professionals in your industry.

Next, you want to schedule a time to speak with your supervisor about the completion of the project and all of the benefits that have been the direct result of your work. This shouldn't be hard to do because your personal documentation serves to justify why you deserve the raise that you're requesting.

Finally, after you wrap up your project debrief session, smoothly transition into the money conversation by saying something like this, "Now several weeks ago, you mentioned that if I delivered on this project, we would discuss my salary. After researching on several payscale websites, I found the average compensation of people in similar industries was between Y and Z. Given my latest performance, I would like to request that my salary be moved from A to B."

4. What are some common mistakes people make or misconceptions people have when it comes to searching for jobs?

When it comes to the actual job interview, it can be very stressful. You basically have one shot to make an outstanding first impression. So many people have this misconception that you need to convince the employer that you are the best candidate by simply answering questions about yourself. This is huge mistake! If they wanted one sentence answers, then they would have read your resume and skipped the entire interview process.

The truth, is that every job interview is always about the company, and your answers should be crafted in such a way that it positions YOU as the best solution to their business problems. This is how you win more job interviews.

5. What else would you like readers to know about you and the services you offer through your site?

Just remember, EVERYONE has an 8-to-5. It's up to YOU to determine where you will spend that time! We have a full suite of tools to help you land a new job that will make you happier. We provide everything from eye-catching resume templates, to 1-on-1 coaching, and full job hunting online mastery courses.

Thanks, Joe!